AVS Saraciye Textile Confection External Trade Limited Company was established in 1998 with the consideration of 20 years of experiments and came into activity in textile and footwear sector.

In the past years, it evaluated quality and customer satisfaction principles as primary purpose and transferred its production power to these days.
AVS Saraciye Textile followed the economic process developing in the Turkey and the world, analyzed the developments occurred in this field in positive way, made the necessary steps with great success, managed to take place in sincere textile firms in defense industry.
 As AVS Saraciye Textile, we make the production of cloth materials of Turkish armed forces, law enforcement agency and other public foundations. Besides to this, our productions for abroad are existing. We keep on our activities with top level quality awareness and outstanding service manner in the frame of ISO 9001:2000 with TSE and TSEK certificates in the production of our all products.

Our Military Products
; cold weather clothing, coats, education clothes, pants, officer coats, wind jackets, shirts, scrimmage vests, ballistic vests, ponchorainproof, tracksuits, underwear, sleeping bags, sports bags, martial bags, briefcases, luggage and so on.

Our Police Department Products; police jackets, coats, rain proof-ponchos, motorized police team (dolphin), motorized traffic police team (hawk), and motorized society service police uniforms, shirts, special operations outfit, assault vests, ballistic vests, backpacks, t-shirts, gloves, hats, masks and so on.

For Other Public Institutions; the post office attire, the State Railways uniforms, safety clothing, hajji case-luggage, hajji dress fabrics, passport bags, postman bags, convention bags, daily purses, etc.. Our factory that can produce all kinds of special designs presents the special orders according to the demands of the customers by producing in best quality and most appropriate way.

Except from manufacture, we import the products that are needed by the sector with distribution agreements we made with other leading firms of sector; we present night vision, infrared and thermal vision systems, observation and distance measuring glasses with rays, stabilized glasses, system and ammunitions with tactical purposes and latest trend products to the regards of the customers.

It still keeps its activities on under the AVS brand with its latest technology product machines, educated personnel, more than 200 qualified labors in both external and internal market in its own factory.
Tepe Prime İş Merkezi A Blok Kat:16 Daire:91 Ankara - TURKEY
+90 397 15 75 (pbx) info@avssaraciye.com.tr
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